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We are an Ancient People called Hebrew Yisraelites. Our culture is unique in language, clothing, food, music, dance & religion. We worship Yah the Elohim of our Ancestors; Abraham, Isaac & Yacob. We are the people of the scriptures called by his name; to be a set-apart people. Read more

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2015-2016 Hebrew Calendar with Feast Days, Sabbaths, Gregorian Dates, Lunar & Solar Eclipes

$10.00 $5.00

12 Months From Abib to the 12th Month of the Hebrew Calendar. Download the month of Abib right now for free. See below for more information or just click on the picture to view it.

This calendar is great if you live in a country which uses the Gregorian Calendar. Never miss a feast day or new moon again!

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Product Description

Learn the days of the week in Hebrew & know exactly what day it is according to the Hebrew Calendar.

This calendar acknowledges the first appearance of the Waxing Crescent as the first day of each month. Our ancestors looked in the sky for a sign to see when the next month started and blew the trumpets in recognition of this sign. The “no moon” theory as the new moon does not make sense when you keep that in mind. Each month the moon seems to disappear 2-3 days, so the first sign of the waxing crescent is the first day of each month, therefore the “new moon”.

This year the seventh day Sabbath falls on Saturday for Lunar Sabbath Keepers so, this calendar works for the majority of people who are trying to keep track of the holy days, feast days, or just the day of the week.

Download the month of Abib right now for free!

Hebrew Calendar 2015 – 2016 – 2

Get all 12 months instantly for just $5!

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