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New Magazine for the Hebrew Israelite Culture Community

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 @ 06:01 AM
posted by Bayadwa

New Magazine for the Hebrew Israelite Culture Community


Interview with “Cultured Out”


We had the pleasure of interviewing the head of the magazine “Cultured Out”; Bri Jackson

“What kind of magazine is Cultured Out?

Bri Jackson:

“What we wanted to do with Cultured Out is basically to create a magazine that appeals & relates information to followers of the Most High & people of biblical culture; Those who specifically identify themselves with the bible. Not just Hebrews, but it might be Muslims or even Egyptians. I definitely wanted to appeal first and foremost to the Hebrew-Israelite Community with Cultured Out.”

“Is the “culture” in “Cultured Out” more of a Middle Eastern type of culture or African?”

Bri Jackson:

“That is a hard question, I want to say Hebrew Culture, but I don’t want to exclude anyone. We are definitely focusing on a biblical culture or anything stemming from a biblical origin.  Which can technically include everyone, but not all people from those cultures identify with the bible.”

“So is it basically culture that is connected to the creator Yah?

Bri Jackson:


“That makes sense. Who is behind the magazine Cultured Out?”

Bri Jackson:

“When I brought the idea to the Mishpacha everyone came forth and really supported it. Hebrew Essence is sponsoring the magazine. Besides Hebrew Essence, my team consists of the people around me who are creative educated (conventionally and non-conventionally), and have different talents in different areas.

For the first issue, we have article contributions from Elyshua, you can find her on YouTube (,  Sariyah BethYah Baht Yisrael, Adama Cora (Zion Lioness), Zadok, and more. One thing I can say about the Cultured Out team and contributors for this issue is that we are all on the same page about the message we want to send to the people.”

“What inspired you to first create Cultured Out? Was there an Ah Ha moment?

Bri Jackson:

“I enjoy reading magazines. I have piles of magazines in my house.  I even have to recycle them because it gets out of hand. As I was reading through these magazines I noticed that there are magazines for the black community, but not for the biblical community or the Hebrew Community. They might approach spirituality, but it’s not from the point of view that I am coming from as an Israelite.  They might also approach natural living, but it’s not from the point of view that I am coming from.  It’s not based on Kosher laws. You know what I am saying? Of all the magazines that I have read, not one hit my spirit or appealed to my lifestyle 100%. I just realized we don’t have a magazine for us.”

“That is part of the reason why I reached out to you to have this interview.  I really think it’s a great idea.  I support Hebrew Businesses and Hebrew Entrepreneurship and it’s something that we definitely need. We need to put our culture out there, so people can know about us.  Also so those who are trying to follow the culture can know they are not alone and that we are organized.  This magazine will give the appearance of some organization that we need.

Again, I love the idea and you sound like a great person to head this project since you love reading magazines yourself.  I am sure we can get a lot out of it.

Is there anything you can tell us about what you have in store for readers in the first issue?”

Bri Jackson:

We have an interview with Yahudah Maccabee & Ben Judah who are Amare Stoudemire’s
“spiritual advisors” and the founders of Maccabee Fitness Health & Wellness Program. Their spread is titled the new face of biblical scholarship.  Basically they are representing the Hebrew community.  When you think of biblical scholarship, you may tend to think of white men, usually Rabbis or Pastors.  It’s very one dimensional. The goal with interviewing them was to introduce a new face to the world.  It’s not just their faces; it’s what they represent and who they represent. They are conscience Hebrew-Israelite brothers and they are shedding a positive light on our culture.”

“That sounds like a wonderful interview. I can’t wait to read it.

What other things can we except from the magazine? Will there be recipes like we see in some magazines? Do you allow advertising in the magazine?”

Bri Jackson: 

“We are looking to advertise Hebrew Businesses. Any business that supports and represents culture, health, and wellness.  In every issue we will have “From Zion”, which are letters from Hebrew sister’s or spiritual sisters about how they balance their spiritual life with their physical life, such as with work, wifely duties, or life in general. For this issue we have a letter from Elyshua titled “The Entrance to Sarah’s Tent.”

I am really excited about our interview with Chuck McPherson. He is a well-known Jazz musician who has worked with the Isley brothers, Roberta Flack and has toured with the Sugar Hill gang. He’s an older man that comes from an interesting perspective on music.  He is essentially saying that how music is today was planned and well thought out. He explains that music has been used to destroy the culture template for the African-American man.  I wish I could send the audio to everyone. It was such a powerful interview. I left feeling so excited after speaking to him.

We posted some of his music on the Hebrew Essence website for people to hear.

“How often will cultured out put out an issue?”

Bri Jackson:

“Cultured Out will have six issues per year, once every two months.”

“When will the first issue come out?”

Bri Jackson:

“The first issue will come out January 7, 2013. That is when it will be officially available for purchase.”

“Is there an official website where people can purchase the magazine when it comes available?

Bri Jackson:

“If you are interested in purchasing Cultured Out, you can visit

“Is there a subscription option where people can get the magazine mailed to them as it comes out?”

Bri Jackson:

“Right now we don’t have a subscription option, but as we move forward we will work on getting that option together.”

“Any final words about the magazine?”

Bri Jackson:

“I just want people to know that with this magazine we want to share a complete picture of the children of the Most High.  We are involving people from the various Israelite communities with slightly different doctrines.  We want to reach out and appeal to all walks of Hebrew Israelite life and all walks of culture.”

“Will you also be conducting interviews with Muslims since your coming from a biblical culture standpoint?”

Bri Jackson:

“Our theme for the first issue is “The New Face of Biblical Scholarship”, our theme for the next issue is “Our Brother From Another Mother.” We are definitely reaching out to Ishmael in the next issue.”

“Sounds like the name was well thought out because cultured out seems like a perfect name for this magazine.”

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