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Monday, December 17, 2012 @ 07:12 PM
posted by Bayadwa


There is a major difference between biblical betrothal & modern day engagement.  The two vary in many ways such as a betroth woman in the scriptures is considered to be a wife.

A betroth woman (in the biblical sense of the word) is a woman who has entered into a covenant agreement with a man, but has not yet left her father’s house to be with him nor have they consummated the marriage by laying together. It is in a sense an incomplete marriage. The promise is the signed covenant agreement typically made with the father & the man for the young woman (or) the man & the woman. This covenant agreement BINDS the couple together.  Only divorce can separate them or a failed stipulation of the covenant agreement. If the woman lays with another man during her betrothal she is said to have committed adultery.

A betroth woman in the full sense of the word is a married woman. The betroth man is referred to as the Husband to the woman.  A good covenant agreement should contain a time period when the man will complete marriage &  take the woman as his wife & do the duties of marriage*. (READ MORE BELOW)*

  An engaged woman (in the modern sense of the word) is a woman who agrees to marry a man, but has not entered into any covenant agreement.  She is free to change her mind without any penalty.  She is not legally bond to her fiance.

Biblical Betrothal is a covenant (not blood) relationship between a man and woman that follows courting and proceeds marriage. During this time the man is referred to as husband and the woman is referred to as wife. The relationship can only be dissolved by divorce , and unfaithfulness during this time is considered adultery.

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