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WAKE UP ISRAELITES – the Great Machine Take Over is here! (Intro, Ancient Robotic Idols, Transhuman,Machine Take Over)


I don’t believe that Idols or Robots are greater than you, but society does. Watch this video and learn the plans that are underway to make humans into Cyborgs, its already happened. That is part 2 of this video. See below.

Part one explains how this has happened before in ancient times and in those days the worshipped graven images and some of them moved. People thought that it was magic and the idols had super powers. Its going to happen again. Know the past, don’t repeat it. Separate from the wickedness to come, watch part 2 to see what is in store for Mankind. This is the Great Test. Who will you worship? If the machines do everthing for you, won’t many think them Gods? Afterall, they talk and think for themselves. Robots are Graven or Molten Images Dolls are Idols too Man isn’t satisfied with Yahs creation. They want to improvr or try to do better. You can’t do better. Don’t make or have graven images. Know what a graven image is and get scriptures at



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