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Stacy asked 1 year ago

What religion did Christ practice and proclaim to be??
In other words what is the religion of the nations of the people in the bible, the israelites.
Also what is the purpose of the star of David.

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Bayadwa Staff answered 1 year ago

Religion is frowned upon by most and many Israelites. This is because they (we) worship YHWH (Yah, Yahweh, Yahawah, Yahuwah etc…) and man did not dictate this worship so its not manmade. Our God is the One & Only true God (Elohim). He tells us what to do and what not to do because YHWH married himself to the nation of Israelite by way of a covenant.

The religion of the Israelites is Yah or Yahwism, but not are not aware that worshiping Yah (YHWH) has a name. We worship Yah. The worship of Yah is called Yahwism. Our religion or worship of Yah is written in our covenant with Yah. You can find our covenant and history of worshiping Yah in the Old Testament. The rules of this religion is called the Torah. The torah is also in the Old Testament. We keep the commandments of Yah. This is our religion.

The star of David is a separate issue. It is called “the Star of David”, but perhaps it didn’t come from David. Some believe this star of David is evil, some believe its part of the culture and an icon that the Israelites always had among them. Among many groups you will find this icon or image, but others you will not.