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Jordan Rudd asked 8 months ago

Shalom reader, My name is Jordan Rudd, and I have a question about a topic I recently picked up. I was wondering, is the practicing of chi energy and chakra against the faith of YHWH? I did some research and heard it was against the Christian faith, but then again I cant trust what the church teaches. Im very appreaciated of you answering this for me. Thank you!

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Bayadwa Staff answered 4 months ago


I have never heard of Chi Energy or Chakra being against any laws of Yah in Torah. But, since you mentioned it I did some research. My conclusion:

As long as these acts aren’t associated with worship of another God, there is no sin.

If you don’t know any commandments that it breaks, you are also in the clear. Until the day you discover or Yah reveals the truth of the subject matter to you. Then you would repent if you find out it is in fact breaking a Torah law.

After researching what others said. I found no one quoting a single Torah law that it breaks. Everyone had an opinion. That’s no good. We don’t need to get into a religious state of mind where man adds to the word and tries to restrict your freedom or take away from Yahs laws.

Whatever you do, Don’t take away from keeping Torah. Listen to your intuition. Question things. Research as Yah reveals things to us. YAH said he dwells among Israel or Yashar’al so let him talk to you. It might not be as direct as you may think. Some hear his voice, some are guided by signs, some gets a knock on the door from a prophet.

I see no one bringing a law that it would offend or break. I can’t tell you not to do it. I also won’t tell you to do it. I would have to study the possible verses were some type of similar Chi Energy is mentioned and promote that instead.

Power comes from Yah. Would you say Yah gave Sampson Power? or a Similar Chi Energy. It looks like he had super human strength. Get your intelligenc and power from the main source Yah and you will never fail.

Check out this video, I made it years ago about scriptures which speak of Yah given his people super powers in the past and future.


I have heard of Yogo as the exercises were used to calm the body so much as to allow a team in to take over and I think the chants they do might be a religious chant.

There is nothing wrong with stretching. Just don’t take it so far as to allow a demon to take over your body. Don’t stretch so much as to put your genitals in your face. This has also been the goal with some Yoga enthusiasts.